Trump…Making America Read Again

I diverted my reading from Michael Hyatt’s ‘Platform‘ and Ray Dalio’s ‘Principles‘ to read Michael Wolff’s ‘Fire and Fury.’ Not to learn anything, but to be entertained.  So far, I’m four chapters in and not shocked.

Based on his subject’s behavior, Wolff’s reporting appears to be very credible. The tone of the book implies that what we are witnessing from the President; his family, and associates is resistance to the conversion from private industry to government. If you ever spent time in the Northeast, you know that Donald Trump, at his foundation, is a stone-cold capitalist and a showman. Wolff says the showman really didn’t expect to win the presidency.

In his call for libel law reform, we can see that the President is upset over ‘Fire and Fury‘ but what is the positive out of all this? Lines formed at what is left of remaining bookstores and Amazon probably made a bundle on print and Ebook purchases.  Mr. President, you can take pride that you made a book publisher and Amazon rich but your greatest contribution is that you are MAKING AMERICA READ AGAIN.

Speaking of capitalism, I think Dave Chappelle better explains who Donald Trump is really for.

How about Hollywood making a statement against sexual harassment by wearing black during the Golden Globes awards? Although, they may have created a tidal wave of cultural and political change, don’t expect Hollywood to sustain the movement. Hollywood is about attractive imagery and ideas. They have shocked us and fashionably made us aware. They will go back to their craft and now it’s time for the elected politicians (what few that are left from the carnage) to get serious and enforce the equality already on the books and address any deficiencies not yet in those books.

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