tolbert 2.0 is not only a continuation of my creative journey in photography, but a resurrection of another “very particular set of skills” in service to the struggle against these right-wing gangsters unapologetic in their use of deception, obfuscation, propaganda, and deceit in their war against humanity.

A former military veteran, community organizer, and writer, my published work was deemed contraband by the US Government who took issue with my dissemination of news and advocation of critical thinking. tolbert 2.0 is relevant news, analysis, original commentary, video, essays, and other information necessary for critical thought and action.

Relying on “breaking news;” speaking about current events without context; and getting “caught-up” in the Kardashians is insufficient. It’s time we reclaimed our minds and take a stand against deception, obfuscation, propaganda, deceit, lies, and just pure evil.