iPhone Photography: Blending in


As I recently took delivery of a new iPhone SE,Ā Apple’s smallest (and least expensive) smartphone, IĀ recalled photographer Eric Kim’s article on this model’s significance to photography.Ā Ā KimĀ notedĀ thatĀ the phoneā€™s compactness and ability to efficiently process and publish images may beĀ all that most people really need to photograph. As one who has spent a small fortune on almost every type of camera and now practicing photographic minimalism, I revisited that idea starting with the last photo I posted.

The biggest advantage of using a small phone, especially for a street photography, if you can getĀ used toĀ the ergonomics, is public acceptance.Ā  You will not be scornfully looked upon; commented negatively about, or even physically assaulted as if you are a pedophile or terrorist. You blend into the rest of the Instagram/selfie-taking public. šŸ™‚